Jerry ChanGraphic & Web Designer

About me

I'm passionate about design and the
impact it has on our experiences and the way we interact with our world.



The Low Down

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer who graduated from MacEwan University's Visual Communication Design program in 2002 with a major in design and illustration. Although my foundation is in a more traditional, print-oriented realm of graphic design, I've made concerted efforts to update my skill-set and knowledge-base to work in the increasingly important field of web and digital media design.

My philosophy on design is that it should be more than just making things that look pretty. While aesthetics are a large part of what a designer does, it's important to remember that fundamentally, design is about visual communication and problem solving.

Good design is style AND substance.



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The Breakdown



Photoshop LogoPhotoshop

InDesign LogoInDesign

Illustrator LogoIllustrator

Coda LogoCoda

Skills and Capabilities

Print design - Layout and design for variety of documents and publications such as annual reports, catalogues, booklets, brochures, stationery, tradeshow booths and posters.

Branding & logo design - Identity and logo design, corporate branding, brand development, redesign or rebrand of existing identities, logo update or modernization.

Web design - Website design, responsive website design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, Wordpress implementation, html and css.

Digital media design - Design and graphical assets for apps and software, software and app UI & UX design.



The Other Stuff

When I'm not working, I enjoy consuming all sorts of entertainment media. From playing videogames to stuffing my mouth with popcorn during movies and tv shows. I try to find time for reading books, magazines and comics and I also enjoy all sorts of music streaming into my earholes. Not only are these things a nice escape, they can often stimulate my creativity and provide me with inspiration.

Of course a sound mind needs a sound body and I like to keep relatively active by cycling, running and playing ice hockey in a men's winter league.



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